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Guardianship Lawyer

Being a senior doesn’t mean you’re going to a nursing home and focusing on the end of your life. Seniors are active, healthy, and they are enjoying life more than ever. This is why New York Elder Law Lawyers focus on helping seniors with legal matters pertaining to their lives and their finances. Elder law is a comprehensive matter, and it involves careful planning. If you’re a senior in need of professional legal help monitoring your finances, your real estate, or anything in between, an experienced elder law attorney can provide you with the kind of help you need. Let your attorney work on the details of your life while you enjoy it.

– Estate law
– Estate planning
– Durable power of attorney
– Advanced health care directive
– Wills
– Intestate succession
– Living trusts
– Probate
– Retirement benefits

What an Elder Law Attorney Does

Elder law attorneys help you plan for the future, and they also help you plan for the end of your life. If you have real estate, for example, you’ll want to have everything in order if you plan on donating your assets to charity upon your death or if you plan on dispersing it between your children or grandchildren. If you don’t have your estate already in order when you pass, the legalities can become quite complicated and make the lives of your children and grandchildren miserable.

Health Forms

You should always have a durable power of attorney on hand even if you’re not a senior. It’s one of the most important forms you can have in your name as it allows someone you trust to act on your behalf if you should become unable to do so yourself. If you’re unable to care for yourself in any manner, you can rely on this form to allow a loved one or your attorney to make financial, legal, and health-related decisions for you.

Your health is more important than ever when you’re a senior. Should be become incapable of communication with your attorney, doctors, or your family, you must have something in place that determines how you will make health-related decisions. A durable power of attorney is helpful, but what you also need is an advanced health care directive. This form states under no uncertain circumstances what you desire if you should become unable to communicate.

If you are terminally ill, if you fall into a coma, or if you are on life support, this form shows the medical staff caring for you precisely what it is you want. Your kids might not make the decisions you want them to make even if you’ve discussed it with them in the past. If you wish to let go rather than continue to live, your kids might not be able to make that decision in the heat of the moment. This form ensures you get precisely what you want.

Wills and Estate Planning

The other most important document you’ll have when you pass is your will. This is how you direct your attorney to disperse your assets. It states what you want, who gets what, and how it’s all handled upon your death. This one document can prevent family feuds that last decades. If you don’t have a will, you make the lives of your children difficult as they all work on figuring out how to handle your assets. This document states precisely what needs to happen, and it’s much easier for everyone as a result.

It doesn’t matter how small your estate is. You need a will. If you have nothing more than $10,000 to give away, you need to put it in writing. This is the one document that can save your family from a lot of trouble. It doesn’t take much time to create a small will, so call an elder law attorney to help draft this paperwork for you.

Elder law is not something many people think about, but having an attorney work on this for you is one of the best things you’ll do for yourself. You can help yourself, your family, and you can rest easy knowing your family is protected when you are no longer with them. You have rights even when you’re incapable of making decisions on your own, and now is the time to for you to focus on those rights.


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